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top 5 trendy brands to shop at

Want to know where your 16-year-old niece got her blouse from? Want to know where that girl in your english class got her boyfriend jeans from? Want to know where all the trendy teens shop at now? Chances are you'll find answers to all of these questions in this article. Here are the Top 5 Trendy Brands to shop at:

1. Brandy Melville


Every teen girl living knows of this brand. It's trendy, it's retro, it's chic. It's got everything from jeans to bodysuits to belts to earrings. Everything about the brand is fantastic except for two things. It's size range is absolutely tiny and the prices are a bit too expensive. I personally love this brand because of it's retro vibe (which is VERY trendy right now).

2. Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is the kind of store where you go in looking for a sweater and come out with eight pairs of shoes and a throw pillow. It offers so many different items that it's hard to be focused. If you want to follow one of the trends, it's probably at urban.



Garage is the store that actually makes sense out of all the stores. The other stores you wonder why they're selling stuff like that, but Garage is different. Garage tends to the latest clothes vs crazy out-of-the box clothing like urban outfitters.



PACSUN is a pretty regular, trendy store. They've got a lot of different things to offer, but the prices are a little upsetting. For example, the tube tops (literally a piece of cloth stitched together at the ends) are $25. But other than that, the clothes are very California and popular.

5. Free People

Free people is one of the most underrated stores in this whole list. The reason I put it last was because it is the least popular out of these 5. It's got great quality, up-to-date clothing, but it tends to be quite expensive.

Anyway, I guarantee you these shops will help your journey to trendiness. So have fun shoppping!

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