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tips to have the best night of sleep:

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Everyone wants to get a good night sleep. No matter what kind of day you had, we all look forward to coming home to a great night of sleep. But unfortunately, a lot of the times, you just physically and mentally can't. So here are some helpful tips to help get your body in the mood for sleep:

1. Turn on your diffuser!

The first step to any relaxing routine is always to trigger your brain with some kind of (relaxing ) smell. This, honestly, could be a candle, but I, personally, prefer diffusers because I don't want to burn my house down overnight. If you continuously turn on your diffusor, night after night, your brain will smell this as a sign telling it to go to sleep. There are even special essential oils that you can pour into your diffuser that are meant for sleep. Not to mention, it just relaxes your whole body and makes your room smell good, so why not?

2. Relaxing Music

The second step is to turn on some relaxing music. This method also works in the same way as the first step. If you program your brain to wanting to fall asleep to the same set of songs, all you have to do is listen to those songs. There's lots of different sleep/relax Spotify playlists, but I recommend making your own that's accustom to you. My recommendation is to choose songs without lyrics, because I personally concentrate on the lyrics. If you want to check out my sleep playlist, here it is:

3. Spill your tea in a journal

That's right! SPILL. Writing out your feelings into a single place really helps you relax. It also just helps you reflect on your day. It doesn't even have to be that interesting, just write down something. It'll help you get over some of your problems too!

4. Meditate!

I know this one everyone knows, but it's still worth mentioning. Every other thing on this list was mainly targeted to get you physically ready for bed, but meditation gets you mentally ready. Noticing the thoughts in of your head can really be relaxing. And if you don't know how to meditate on your own, I really recommend an app called, Headspace. It's a great beginner's meditation guide.

I hope these methods help someone, but just note that they will take some time to settle into your brain.

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