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the two shoes that go with anything and everything

Everyone knows that shoes are the piece of your outfit that makes or breaks it. There are endless ways to style an outfit because of the endless shoes you could wear with them. But pairing the perfect ones can create the look you've always wanted. To help with finding the right pairs, here are some shoes that go with basically any outfit:

1. White Sneakers

I cannot stress this enough: white sneakers are a must-have in your closet at all times. They go with any outfit you could possibly think of. Wearing a dress or skirt? Dress it down with these puppies. Jeans? Perfect fit. It doesn't even matter if they are chunky or hightops, just get them!!

2. Black Doc Martens

These babies are a bit edgier but, girl, will they make your legs look great! You'll look slightly taller, attract more attention, and feel like a boss when you're walking in them. These are also shoes that you can pair with so many different outfits since they have so many different styles ranging from shoes to platform boots.

Have fun creating endlessly flattering outfits with these shoes!!

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