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little shirt big pants girl neccesities

so you're looking to become a little shirt big pants girl (LSBP) . here are the style necessities you will need to create the persona:

1. Little Shirts and Big Pants

Lol... What did you think? You were somehow gonna catch the little shirt and big pants style without little shirts and big pants? The basic rule is always to have loose pants, nothing tight or form-fitting. Usually, they are low rise. The tops can vary. They can be either tiny tank tops or baby tees and tend to be cropped.

2. Low Docs

This is a keyyyy feature! Most LSBP girls own these. They tend to go with a lot of outfits because of their neutral color and are usually paired with long white socks.

3. Dainty Jewelry

Another staple feature of LSBP girls. Wearing a dainty gold chain with pendants or layering several thin necklaces is a great way to channel this style. Pearls are also pretty common. Earrings are usually gold as well (dangly hoops, etc).

4. Hair Clips, Claws

This step is if you want to go all out. Matching your outfit with colored hairclips is such a great way to accessorize. If you're tired of leaving your hair down though, try using those 90s Mom hair claws.

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