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6 pieces of clothes you need to become a Brandy Beast

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Everyone knows what Brandy Melville is. It's only the trendiest, teen girl brands out there. Dressing like a Brandy Melville girl is quite difficult, though they make it look effortless. But there are some clothing items that all of them own to create their looks. Here are 6 clothing items you need in your closet to become a Brandy Melville girl:

1. Black and White Turtlenecks

2. Lightwash, Darkwash, and White Jeans

3. Denim Jackets

4. White and Black Tanks

5. Plaid and Floral Skirts

6. Plaid and Floral Dresses

If you get all of these items, you've got a pretty good chance of becoming a brandy model!

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