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4 ways to glow up after the quarantine

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Through these dark, boring times it's hard to keep our unpredictable teen selves feeling good. When we lock ourselves up, we throw away a lot more than just our freedom. We also lose our will to wake up, be productive, and feel confident. But it's important to keep these things going through hard times like this. Here are 5 ways to keep yourself feeling good and glow up at the same time.


There's nothing more valuable in this entire article than this key tip. There's no excuse not to exercise with all this extra time on your hands so just do it! I know you've been snacking lately because of all the extra time on your hands, so nows the chance to burn off those calories. Take a jog outside: it's gonna make you feel great and will give you the chance to take in some fresh air!

Keep yourself consistent by setting a longterm then daily goals. This is a good way to stay consistent and in control of yourself. And who knows? Maybe after the quarantine you'll see your hard work payed off (GLOW UP!) and you may even chose to continue.

2. Clean everything!

If there's a time to deep clean, it's right now. Not only do you want to get all those germs away from you, but it's also gonna help you be a lot more productive in the future. Clean that closet or bathroom you've been putting off for a while. Figure out a system to keep you organized and as efficient as you can possibly be throughout the days. This surely will make you feel satisfied and good now and in the future!

3. Self Care!

Yeah... This one is pretty important too. You've finally got the time you need to relax. School and work can be hard, but now that all of your stressors are not in the way, you can really take this time to focus on yourself. Put on your favorite face mask, read a book, take a long bath, drink some tea, paint your nails, watch netflix, and eat some comfort food. Anything you need to do to make yourself feel relaxed, you've got time for it.

4. Pursue your passion

Everyone has the one thing they love to do but never have the time for. Well guess what honey? You've got lots of time on your hands now, so go do it!

You've got all the time in the world for the next few weeks so do all the things you've been meaning to do for a while now!

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